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 Consumer awareness and Education is a vital part of our three point agenda- organise, Educate and Empower. It helps to build trust in the consumer and also sustains the larger economic goals of the country.


SHARE organised different programs to educate the consumers. The first program was Consumer awareness workshop organised in the beginning of the financial year to mark a good success with people. We conducted series of workshops in areas like Badarpur, Ashram and also in Okhla industrial area. In the next series of event- consumer awareness campaign, our goals were to spread awareness among the people through social media channels and other general platforms.

We also organised financial literacy programs in different parts of delhi

Education awareness program for parents was one of the most successful program organised to promote schooling of the children. It was participated by almost 500 parents which was inaugurated by the local councillor. Many parents came our to share their problems which prevents them to send their wards to school. The counselling session was executed by Mr. Devendra Singh and other women counsellors to educate the parents and to make them understand about the education of their wards.