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Who we are?

Welcome to SHARE, an organization of environmental enthusiasts, working in its’ nascent sphere of influence, to make the earth planet greener, cleaner and toxic free air, balancing ecology, promoting healthy environment and encouraging sustainable lifestyle. Guided by the scientific facts, we are addressing the urgent threat with cooperative means and feasible solutions.

As a not for profit organization, registered[Insert registration details] in the year 2014, SHARE, Society for Human Awareness on Rights and Empowerment, is currently focusing on creating awareness for Environmental causes and Ecological issues.

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Our Clan

We are a small clan of environmental enthusiasts; coming from diverse fields of professional engagements and varied interests but closely bonded by the environmental concerns.

To minimize the impact of human generated pollution on our environment, we’ve zeroed on the following areas of our organization’s activities and campaigns:-

  • Tree Plantation Drive
  • Pond cleaning
  • Rain Water Harvesting
  • River cleaning (Future)

Our Duty

It’s an urgent duty to take care of this planet as billion of lives and their future is entirely dependent upon the well-being of the earth – the one common thing that binds all despite differences and varieties among us. As Jimmy Carter the 39th president of the United States of America said, “Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries.”

We are Agents of Change

The well-being of the mother earth is impossible without changing the minds of its’ children. We have to restore what our recent ancestors, since the industrial revolution, have destroyed in the name of development.


Do you agree with us? Be an envoy of change and Join us